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Hey everyone ^____^
Another month has gone by which means another shout-out session to my top followers. Hope you all enjoy Valentines Day ;) whether you’re single or taken. If you want a shout-out, then become a top follower by the end of the month. Happy February!!


He better put a ring on it…

"He said I was the one." "He told me he loved me." But he left you the next morning. Don’t make it so easy for him. Not all guys are like this and not all girls give it up so quickly. But don’t expect him to stay with you when you make the relationship as easy as a game of tag. "You’re a treasure, and if he values what’s underneath that chest, he’s going to take that quest." Don’t give him hints or clues on how to find it. If he wants it, he better earn it. Calls you every now and then but he forgot your birthday AND YOUR NAME. ¬†Been a month now, and he calls you to see if he can come over to your house. You say yes. He shows up. You kiss him and he kisses you. "You’re the only one." "I’ll always be there." "There’s no body like you."¬†Things escalate. Next thing you know it’s morning, he’s not here. Not in the bed. The kitchen. The shower. No where. His car is gone.

Hey everyone, that was just a short story my friend came up with. Just so you know not all guys are like that. I don’t believe that and neither should you. Just know that you should be careful. If he respects you he’ll wait and if you want to give it up to him then make sure he earned it. But don’t give it up as a prize. You worth much more than a one-night stand. And guys don’t just do this. Girls do it too. But just remember one thing:
"Love is when you give and give until you have nothing left.
Lust is when you take and take until there’s left to take.”
So don’t give it up because once you do you can’t always take it back.

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